Best Marketing Strategies to Augment Branding of SMBs [Part 3/3]

in the first post, Best Marketing Strategies to Augment Branding of SMBs [Part 1/3], you build the profile of market and your audience. You come to know about their preference and psychology through market research. In the second post, Best Marketing Strategies to Augment Branding of SMBs [Part 2/3], we gone further with our web branding strategies. We drive you though important activities in all three strategies.

Let’s move forward with:

Traditional Marketing Strategies

Apart from online marketing or branding campaign, small businesses should do hard efforts in real world market by various traditional marketing techniques and tweaks including:

Strategy No. 6 – Addressing Audience Directly

You can address your audience directly through old school tricks of marketing like:

  • Delivering elevator speeches everywhere possible especially where there is a big gathering
  • Put hoardings, murals, signage, posters, Ads, write on walls, street, market corners, etc. wherever it is possible

Strategy No. 7 – Grab Attentions through Contests Marketing Ideas

You can arrange various contests like photo, video, vote, caption, sweepstakes, etc. contests and promote them online using social media and other shareable platforms to spread your words or messages along with these contests to grab attentions of attendants of contests.

Strategy No. 8 – Grab Attentions through Sponsorship Ideas

You can sponsor sports events, local events, race, charity programs, etc. where social and religious recognition take place so you have enough opportunities to push your brand in front of a vast audience.

Strategy No. 9 – Grouping  Networking with Others

You can group with other non-competitive and synergistic businesses in your areas and take benefits of local audience they have as well as use online social media and other link building efforts with them and gain good return.

Strategy No. 10 – Offering Marketing Incentives

You can offer various marketing incentives applicable in your contexts such as:

  • Freemium
  • Coupons
  • Discounts
  • Gifts
  • Free Trails

You can do above marketing tactics according to your budget, relevancy with your business and audience or your locality. These are sure ways to get lots of new customers, repeat business, and loyalty in the market for your brands.

What is your strategy mix? What do you consider important in your industry? Share your views and thoughts.

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