Best Marketing Strategies to Augment Branding of SMBs [Part 1/3]

We are living in a tight economy where competition is fierce. In such adverse conditions, standing out for small and medium businesses is a big challenge because they have scanty resources to do branding as the way enterprises do. Little budget to spend, lack of time to devote, and unable to hire and manage marketing team for a big branding campaign are some constraints to name.

However, to do branding effectively is tough, if not impossible, due to the aforementioned challenges. Therefore, I would like to place some best marketing strategies to augment branding for your small business in this post.

Strategy No. 1 – 
Run Thorough Market Research for Branding

Generally, big marketing companies run costly audience research campaign and small businesses can’t afford it, they can do following things to accomplish same tasks at their levels.

  • Since we know, customer is king for any business, why we shouldn’t invite them to tell their perspectives for our products or services.
  • Spend some time in the field or floor of the business and meet your customers in natural ways and interact with them.
  • Use your dashboards to collect customer data and their opinions regarding your business and its functionality.

Strategy No. 2 – Do Proper Planning for Branding

Good planning is a key to success so follow some given steps for planning according to your business requirements and nature.

  • Define goals of business and its objectives. Based on that, set targets of your branding campaign at your level and according to your budget
  • Define your market, audience, and prevailing practices
  • Select the marketing strategies given in sections below and allocate resources for it according to your budget and capacities.

In the next post – Best Marketing Strategies to Augment Branding of SMBs [Part 2/3], we’ll look into some of the Online Branding Strategies.

We will cover techniques such as, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Paid Marketing. Next post will drive through important activities in each strategy. Subscribe the blog feed to get update of new post in your email.

In the last post – Best Marketing Strategies to Augment Branding of SMBs [Part 3/3], we’ll look into some of the Traditional Marketing Strategies.

What are your strategies?

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