Best Marketing Strategies to Augment Branding of SMBs [Part 2/3]

In the first post, Best Marketing Strategies to Augment Branding of SMBs [Part 1/3], you get basic idea of how to start with. If you have data through market research and have proper planning, you can achieve your ultimate goal by using various marketing strategies without spending much of the money.

Let’s move forward with:

Online Branding Strategies

At present, we are living in mobile and Internet era. Therefore, it is imperative for small businesses to create their web and, if possible, mobile presence. Once you have it, you can follow contemporary online branding practices according to your budget and those practices include:

Strategy No. 3 – Social Media Marketing

These activities you can do by yourself or hire someone or a small company to provide you appropriate SMO services within your budget. Those activities are:

  • Create profiles and fan or business pages on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, You Tube,  etc.
  • Create textual, image, infographics, audio, and video content and post them on appropriate platforms
  • Post appropriate content links, news, events, and other activities or happening in your business regularly on these social networking sites in form of multimedia content and their links.

Strategy No. 4 – Search Engine Optimization

This is a bit tricky to do without much familiarity so try to take help of professionals at competitive rates and it involves following things:

SEO comprises on-page and off-page activities.

  • On-page means on the web pages of live websites like copy writing, Meta data creation, GA tags, and other plug-in installations, etc. activities that only professionals do
  • Off-page means submission of your site in search engines and other bookmarking, directories, and profile sites as well as writing content including articles, blogs, press releases, and posting them on appropriate directories. As these are ongoing activities you can do it yourself or hire agency

Strategy No. 5 – PPC Campaign

This is paid campaign and if you catch a smart and experienced service provider, you can do it in highly cost-effective way along with natural SEO and SMO campaign. This include Pay Per Click (PPC), Display Advertising, Advertising in social platforms, etc. services provided by Google like search engines and Facebook like social media sites.

In the next post – Best Marketing Strategies to Augment Branding of SMBs [Part 3/3], we’ll look into some of the Traditional Marketing Strategies.

“Old is Gold” – Traditional marketing activities will help your audiences to interact more with your business. These techniques will improve your brand awareness as well as brand loyalty. What are those? Stay connected to get update of new post in your email.

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