5 Steps to Improve Conversion Rate Through Web Design [Part 1/2]

Today we have many unheard terms and its experts to assist in web development. For instance, designers for UI, UX, SEO experts, Performance Optimization experts, and Conversion Optimization experts are to name a few. Therefore, today I would like to introduce you with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and some good hints to keep in mind when we dive in web designing and consider CRO.

Fundamentally, role of conversion rate optimization begins as soon as a visitor arrives on the website on any web page. This web page becomes the landing page for that visitors and they begin their journey towards their intended goals, which are amalgamated with the goals of the website. Thus, when they touch their final goals or website’s goals conversion process finishes with success.

Generally, conversion rate is measured in e-commerce websites through analytics like Google Analytics so analyzing the website visit data becomes the first step toward knowing anything regarding to the conversion and hence its optimization.

Step No. 1 – Analyze the Data

Now, we know why we should analyze the web visit data for any website while doing CRO during our web designing and programming process. Therefore, we have to incorporate GA and other search engine analytics through their code by placing their scripts in header section of the websites along with desired modification in code.

You can analyze the critical data related to conversion such as:

  • Landing pages & exist pages
  • Study of goal paths or conversion funnel
  • Time spent on the pages in conversion funnel
  • Rate of final conversion against entry of visitors through various sources

Step No. 2 – Improve the Landing Pages

Now, you have perfect clues regarding the landing pages and identification of weak spots on the landing pages through various ways of analytics. Thus, you have good opportunities to improve your landing pages and following are things we can consider during web designing.

  • Page relevancy: keep your landing pages relevant to the final goals of the website by using appropriate keywords, navigation schemes, products, and copy writing.
  • Put your leg in users’ shoes: Think from users’ or visitors’ point of view while designing your landing pages and you can run some guerrilla UX research prior to do anything to get insights.
  • Highlight positive aspects: Describe benefits of your products or services through various ways including textual content or images or other multimedia content.
  • Add Trust: You can do it by various ways including placing testimonials, reviews, client feedback, etc.

In the next post – 5 Steps To Improve Conversion Rate Through Web Design [Part2/2], we’ll look into:

Improve the UI Design – How can you win the heart of your visitor by incorporating various’ elements in the website?

Improve the User Experiences – We will covers on what type of aspects you must take care to improve the user experience.

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