5 Steps to Improve Conversion Rate Through Web Design [Part 2/2]

In the first post, 5 Steps to Improve Conversion Rate Through Web Design [Part1/2], we set the groundwork for improving our conversion rate. At first we discussed about how to gather data, analyze data. Secondly we looked at improving landing page quality and understand the some point that make landing page more attractive.

With the above in mind, let’s continue with three new steps to improve your website’s conversion rate through web design.

Step No. 3 – Improve the UI Design

If your visitors don’t fall in love with your website at first sight, they might engage with your competitors. Therefore, you have to attend look and feel of site using the best graphics, decent layout, easy navigation, and appropriate color themes across the web pages.

In responsive designing, minimalism is trend, and incorporation of multimedia content is winner of users’ heart, to stay more, and go further. Keeping balance in designing is mandatory to address performance optimization issues. Thus, image and other content optimization is a good way.

Step No. 4 – Improve the User Experiences

This is UX era and offering the best user experiences across the multiple screens is a challenging task for modern web designers. Use color theories according to the localities of your target audience and nature of your website or its niche. Contrast psychology is a very effective weapon to highlight desired UI elements and guide your users to reach at their destination quickly.

Color, texture, etc. are UI elements, which are responsible to create right and encouraging ambiance that may lead visitors to convert into your loyal customers. Visual hierarchy is another aspect that may help your users to push towards conversion without any delay and lose of the path you have drawn. Highlight CTA elements, and give them directional clues like symbols, texts, and other smart elements are the best ways to attend your website goals rapidly.

Step No. 5 – Testing Frequently

In CRO, testing regularly and frequently is vital practice for definite success. Keep in mind that you should test one change at a time and test it for a long duration to get accuracy in analyzing them.

Industry is continuously changing and you must be updated to implement changes and do experiments that improve user experience. What is your take?

Share your thoughts on these points in comments.

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