Which Launch Strategy Good for Startup – Website or App

In recent past, we had only one option to begin any business and it was creating brick-and-mortar identity. We had all traditional ways to create buzz in the market before and after the launch. Today we are living in mobile era where Internet accessibility is higher and cheaper. People have less inclination towards going outside or far away by burning costly fuel.

We Are in Online Era

Our new generation likes to do shopping, even for their daily needs, through their mobile devices or online ways they have. Therefore, besides brick establishments, we should focus on the online identity at first place and learn ways to do marketing on Internet or in mobile apps. There are many businesses in modern era, which are solely relying on the online identity like e-commerce and outsourcing industry. Therefore, for them website, web portal, and mobile apps are their shops in sum and everything revolving around them.

Selection Dilemma

Thus, they have acute question that which is the best marketing strategy for them to create buzz and achieve success for long and their choices restrict up to website and mobile app.

Many businesses have unique nature that leads the startups to rely solely on web identity while some have good favor on mobile apps while most of the modern businesses prefer to have both sort of identity: website as well as mobile app at a time.

Let’s check some pros and cons of both options in brief.

Website as Launch Marketing Strategy

  • Today we have tons of tools and technologies to create websites and numerous hosting options to make it cheaper and customized.
  • There are website builder tools with drag-and-drop interface to create common types of websites without any web programming or web designing knowledge and experiences.
  • Many hosting companies offer such web builders free of charge for their clients as inclusive services in their hosting charges.

Custom Web Development:

However, some startups require custom web development while many startups prefer to have their unique web identity for sake of branding and SEO advantages. This custom web development is a bit costly affair if you are going to do with responsive web designing team using the latest technologies and modern features to meet the high-end needs of your high-end audience.

Web Development Overheads:

Moreover, web development process and your interactions with web development company never end once your website is unveiled. You have to constantly update its technologies, features, and user experiences through regular maintenance and update programs.

Mobile App as Launch Marketing Strategy

The general perception of small and medium business regarding mobile app, as startup marketing strategy, is that it is only worthwhile for big enterprises or corporations. However, in reality it is not further from the truth.

Quick & Cheaper App Development:

Just like website builder and web development, mobile app development is becoming cheaper due to stiff competitions among the mobile application development companies and mobile app builder software are gaining ground in the market for small to medium level needs.

More Inclinations towards Mobile Apps:

Moreover, modern new generation, as well as tech-savvy old generation, audience is largely using mobile apps and mobile search options for their all sort of needs. Thus, in order to grab such vast audience, your mobile app, or responsive web design (at some extent) may help you, and come up with tons of futuristic opportunities. Another psychology of people is that only good and reputed companies can afford mobile apps so you can leverage your mobile presence in your favor.

Benefits of Mobile Apps:

In fact, mobile apps offer robust user experiences and opportunities to interact with your audience in real-time manner. For instance, you can collect valuable info of your users like location, demography, etc. through their user profiles and GPS or Beacon technologies. Thus, you can use such vital info in your marketing campaign and offer instant or real-time incentives in highly personalized ways.

We hope that you have some good insights regarding selections of appropriate launch strategies given above while you opt for your startups in efficient and cost-effective ways.

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