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“Alasture amalgamates diverse nature of web services in a single portal without missing its usability”

Web portal development is nothing but amalgamation of numbers of individual websites and web applications, with different purposes and in a single interface where usability and user experiences have paramount importance.

Fortunately, our web developers have gained real-world experiences and expertise in all sorts of websites and web application development. Therefore, they prove to be highly successful claimers for impeccable web portal development in contemporary technologies where mobile screens are dominating.

We claim to be an eminent web portal development company because our web portals offer all required services befitting into modern web concepts of new generations. Therefore, you will find following features and functionality commonly in our web portal programming:

  • Content management and distribution
  • All the e-commerce features and functionality including shopping and payment
  • Collaboration
  • Workflow management
  • Data access
  • Social networking integrations
  • Web 2.0 characteristics

Of course, all are with the responsive layouts and functionality so you never miss the vast and ever increasing audience of mobile users.

Types of Web Portals Where We Serve

Generally, there two types of web portal are found in field. One is public which gives access to all while another is private or enterprise portals, which have restricted access but is working on the web or on the cloud. Until today, we have served many clients for following types of web portal designing and programming.

  • News and Entertainment Portals: where we offer content management, e-commerce, workflow management, and web 2.0 & social networking services
  • Collaboration Portals: includes content management and distribution features, collaboration features, and workflow management features.
  • Community Portals: consisting of CMS, collaboration, and workflow management features
  • Knowledge Management Portals: They are particularly for education industry and have CMS as well as data access and data management features.
  • Customer Support Services Portal: These sorts of portals have all above described characteristics and they are of B2C nature.
  • Supply Chain Management Portals: Same as above, but have B2B nature.
  • Marketplaces Portal: They are with all characteristics except data access
  • HR Portals: They have all features except CMS and E-commerce.

Our Exclusive Offerings

We offer range of services in our web portal development in order to bring exclusive features and functionality in favor of our patrons including:

  • The Best Usability
  • Excellent User Experiences
  • Fast Loading
  • Easy and Comprehensive Navigation
  • Responsive and Easy Access
  • Desired Scalability
  • Highly secure with latest encryption technologies
  • Robust and intuitive frontend
  • Comprehensive backend with multilevel user authentication

Apart from these,

  • We provide instant communication supports
  • We offer project management software access to our esteemed clienteles for active participations and regular report access
  • Our scrappy web portal developers are ready to help you to beat your language, culture, and most importantly time zone differences providing you with the most possible comfort.
  • We have post production support packages including maintenance and updates on regular bases

If you intended to have any web portal development project and are searching a dependable web portal development company, put your stamp of choice on us. We are just A click away from you.

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