Do You Know Google Adds “Request a Quote” Button to Business Listing in Search Engine? Follow the step to implement in your listing

It seems like Google is rolling out CTA (Call-To-Action) button for service level business in the local knowledge panel. As shown in image, I have successfully implemented this and wanted to share how will you implement this latest feature and get the maximum benefit from GMB (Google My Business) Listing.

How it works?

Search for business’s name, as shown in the image Search for “Alasture” you will get this “Request a Quote” button on both Desktop as well as on mobile version. (Joy Hawkin was the first person to spot this feature)

How do you get this button?

You need to turn on messaging in your Google my business account.


  • Open the Google my business app
  • Tap on customer tab
  • Tap messages
  • Tap turn on

Please note – it will take max. 24 hours to get approved and implemented.

Why we should not ignore this?

This button is really big and noticeable so Google clearly wants visitor to use this feature.  You can view and respond messages from the Google My Business App. Visitors will receive message on Google map app.


Google is doing great in terms of improving and engaging their service for their visitors. So in this case, visitors can now request quotes from businesses without even visiting the website. It can be done from Google service platform only. So, it’s not good for traffic.

But it’s a debatable topic that ultimate purpose of website is to generate leads (without traffic?) so is it bad sign if Google sends leads without traffic?

Let us inform if you face any difficulties while implementing “Request a Quote” button. Ask Alasture.

Would love to hear back from you if you have implemented this successfully. Share your thought.

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