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“A vast audience and bright future is waiting for you and your mobile app on Android platform, what you need is a right partner like us “

It is fact that Android has covered more than 55% mobile market in terms of devices and OS. Therefore, it has a vast audience and huge opportunity for a business. Unfortunately, fragmentation in hardware and OS, diversity of audiences, variations in the behaviors of users, upcoming technologies such as wearable devices, etc. are some challenges that are needed to be meet in each app development for this Google Android platform. Fortunately, Alasture has everything needed, even at premium rate because we have a team of:

  • Creative Android designers
  • Fluent Android programmers
  • Best Android UX professionals
  • Excellent Android apps testers
  • Seasoned Android app marketers

We have all these human resources with experience, expertise, and skills if you hire Android apps developer under a suitable package.

Alasture—the Best Android Apps Development Company

At Alasture, we are creating simple functional Android apps to exceptional advanced apps for range of clients and budgets. We respect the small ideas of our small to medium range of clienteles and let them flourished in the market. At the same time, we justify the bespoken needs of enterprise or big business with intricate functionality with equal zeal.

Our scrappy Android designers and Android programmers are eagerly awaiting to add some value in your business or idea. They want to make it a cause of pride for you by winning the hearts of the end-users. We have mature, experienced, and dependable project managers, development strategists, and software architects to assure your success.

Affordable Android Apps Development

We know we are living in UX era and best user experiences can be attained by the best designing, planning, management, and execution only. Therefore, we have team of excellent UI designers, graphics designers, and UX designers to hit our desired targets with efficiency and speed. Similarly, our android app programmers have technical expertise to translate those designs and your dreams into concrete reality on the screens with desired interactions and dynamism in your Android apps.

We do everything quickly to respect the time-to-market conditions of our patrons and needs of their businesses. Therefore, we are comparatively cheaper, though our rates seem a bit high. The best ROI through optimum conversion is our motto.

Domain Experiences & Expertise of Google Android Developers at Alasture

We know there are plenty of players who do things for enterprises or big businesses, while very few extend helping hands to the small and medium businesses or startups. Therefore, our portfolio has all variations in the categories listed in the Google Play store. However, we have some exemplary domains listed here to show you, such as:

  • Our Android game development is yielding higher download rates in marketplaces due to intuitive, engaging, alluring, and highly cost-effective games for various Android device users.
  • Our Android apps for fashion and apparel industry gains big applaud
  • Teachers and student alike prefer us for their education Android application development needs.
  • We justify the present needs of social media and people through our effective Android development.
  • We know the latest trends of integrating wearable devices through health & fitness apps, social apps, news and media, etc. Android mobile apps development, its technologies, tools, and techniques.
  • Our augmented reality Android apps are equally creating buzz in the market as wearable does.
  • Our travel, weather, and real-estate Android apps have greater demand in all Android marketplaces.

Technologies for Android Development at Alasture

  • Our OS and Production Environment: Windows, Mac, Linux for production & range of Android OS from 2.3 to 4.4 and higher.
  • Development Environment: Android Studio, Eclipse with ADT plugin, IntelliJ IDEA, Titanium.
  • Programming Languages: Java with Android libraries, C++, etc. Moreover, SQLite, MySQL, etc. for database management.
  • Programming Frameworks: Android SDK
  • Tools and Third party Solutions: Android emulators apart from the native, that ships with SDK; Ant, Dalvik Debug Monitor Server, Monkey, ProGuard, etc.

Moreover, we invest heavily on the various Android devices with different Android OS versions for real testing as emulator never give idea of real bugs and user experiences at all. If you strive for a dependable and life-long partnership for you B2B and B2C Android application development needs, just take one-step forward and Let’s have chat for a while.

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