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Hospitality & Travels

Hospitality & Travels

“Alasture has been routinely selecting over competition due to its robust yet Zane Beadles Jersey cost-effective hospitality and travel solutions”

Alasture has prolonged experiences with hospitality and travel industries to add real business values through its IT consultancy and IT software programming. We have powerful R & D labs and development infrastructure to establish solid industry partnerships. Our software developers work at enterprise levels to yield the best-of-breed hospitality solutions.

Our local as well as outsourcing projects have success legend engraved in our portfolio and testimonials where applauds from the clienteles of US, UK, Australia, and Canada at attention grabbing.

Challenges of the Hospitality and Travel Industries
  • Rapidly changing guest demography
  • New technologies in form of smartphones and tablets where web and mobile apps offer competitive platforms
  • Influence of social media
  • Ever raising expectations of mature and most aware guests
Opportunity for hospitality and travel industries with Alasture
  • Leveraging enterprise mobility for booking, rapid communication, and offering quick services
  • Leveraging social media impacts through solid social media presence and improving presentations on social networking sites by multimedia content and real life images or video of the sites or services offered.
  • Giving memorable guest experiences by going extra mile providing out-of-box attendance services, information of booking/reservation status in hotels and flight for better planning and comparative shopping of services.
  • Offering incentives and loyalty programs in order to attract more guests/tourists and engage them by offering best guest experiences as well as small to big incentives in form of personalized discounts, gifts, coupons, etc.
  • POS software development services for web and mobile usage where booking of room or table, ordering food, payment through various mobile modes or credit/debit cards using camera scanners, guest check-in and check-out through mobile apps, etc.
  • We provide digital content and display/presentation methods/facilities to Zane Beadles Authentic Jersey create the buzz and positive reputation of hospitality and travel industry using innovative means. Updating about the events held on locations and many other interested programs for the guests.
  • We are offering high-level security measures for the guest and their personal as well as business data along with the data of our clients. We inform the guests regarding the personal security measures like CCTV camera, warnings for various equipment usages, warning about the weather or local disasters and about many things those threatening the guests.
Domain Expertise of Alasture for Hospitality and Travel Industry
We have worked with myriads of companies falling in various categories such as:
  • For Distribution and Supply Chain categories: we have provided robust solutions for suppliers and hoteliers, booking engine providers, channel managers, CRS, intermediaries, and OTAs.
  • For Front of House Categories: We have provided guestroom technology solutions, kiosks and remote check-in solutions, telephony solutions, guest internet services, network gateway solutions, and surveys and guest response solutions.
  • For Core Systems & Integrations: We have delivered out-of-box solutions for property management systems, inventory management systems, revenue management systems, point of sale systems, and room management software.
  • For Data Aggregation and Processing: We have provided highly useful tools for analytics, business intelligence, dashboards, data integration, data warehousing, forecasting, and yield & revenue management
  • For Vendors: we have served various vendors in these niches explicitly like hospitality technology Zane Beadles Womens Jersey vendors
  • For Tour Operators: Content Management Systems (CMS), Inventory Management Systems, Zane Beadles Youth Jersey etc.
  • For Customer Management and Loyalty: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Loyalty Systems, etc.
  • For Resort, Casinos and Gaming: gaming & casino solutions, spa software solutions, catering and events solutions, vacation rental/timeshare solutions, etc.
Differentiators for the Hospitality and Travel Industry Consulting Services at Alasture
We are a bit different from the other competitors in some distinct points such as:
  • We do expert planning
  • We do out-of-box system design
  • We have unmatched human resources in form of IT designers, IT developers, and IT quality controllers with experiences on myriads of consulting and development solutions on hospitality and travel industry technology
  • We have success legend of successful implementations in various situations and on Zane Beadles Kids Jersey various locations
  • We offer outstanding and reliable maintenance and support services round the clock

No doubt, we can help you to save smarter, serve better, and go faster if you come up with detailed requirements or problems of your business through a brief Online conversation so we can get into and able to give most fit solutions for you and your hospitality or travel industry.

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