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About Alasture

About  Alasture

"Alasture Foresees the Future of Organization and is Capable to Shape It Using Its Immense IT Powers"


Alasture is a leading IT Consulting and IT software Development Firm on outsourcing horizon. We are a big team working for more than 8 years in IT niches and serving clients in - USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and India to outperform the competition and stay ahead in all fronts in their niches.

We have established collaborative client relationships at the C-suit level with many leading global leader companies and industries. We have fathomed breadth and depth of various industries, listed in our industry services section, by addressing their key business and technology issues.

We Add Values In The Businesses Of The Clients:
What we have:
  • Prolonged experiences
  • Unmatched domain expertise
  • Acquired skills
  • Pool of talents
  • Ultramodern infrastructure for IT
  • Nurtured creativities

Why Choose Us?

Guide technological transformation of industries with futuristic visions
We aspire to infuse our tech-expertise, tech-experiences, tech-skills, and our tech-creativities in your business growth engines and your ultimate success, with the supports of our modern infrastructure, IT architecture, and enthusiasm of our teams.
We have many differentiations that set us apart from other mediocre IT service providers such as:

  • Prolonged experiences: as we are working for 8+ years
  • Exposure to the vast array of industries/domains/niches: as we have served various industries for their bespoken needs
  • Technical superiority: we have technically superior team with updated knowledge in IT industry
  • Safe and secure development process and outcome: as we sign NDA and keep our words/promises to secure info/data of our patrons and offer bug free and secure (for e-commerce) outcomes.
  • Offer excellent user experiences and the best usability
  • Zest for innovation and uniqueness
We have invested heavily with the pace of time in the latest IT infrastructural development, for web and mobile niches in particular. Our networking, databases, hardware and software are compatible and capable to address contemporary IT software development of any scale and of any nature. Moreover, we are regularly updating our IT architecture and infrastructure to keep pace with time and technologies.
Finally, we provide the latest communication technologies, tools, equipment, and devices to bridge the communication gaps between our project managers, designers, and programmers with our patrons staying offshore in different time zones.

Meet Our Team

We are working with both individuals and businesses from all over the globe to create awesome websites and applications.

Mrs. Megha Shah

Mrs. Megha Shah

Founder & CEO

" Mrs. Megha Shah is the Founder & Director of Alasture - wings of future, and she leads Design, Development, Sales & marketing divisions of Alasture in collaborations with others. She is working in IT fields for more than 6 years with expertise in different fields like design, programming/development, online marketing etc. related to web and mobile app development. She is No.1 business lover and loves to read as well as keeps himself updated with the latest upcoming technologies. When she is not working, she is spending his my time with family & friends. "

Mrs. Sheetal Pancholi

Mrs. Sheetal Pancholi

Co-Founder & CTO

" Mrs. Sheetal Pancholi is a seasoned Internet marketing professional with IT degree and experiences. She has secure prestigious Google certificates and positions as a recognized professional. She has working experiences with top notched IT services provider companies in Ahmadabad. Therefore, she is capable in delivering the best results for your Internet marketing, SEO, PPC, etc. projects with guarantees. "

William Clarke

William Clarke

Business Development Manager

" Mr. William Clarke is a highly experienced BDM with abilities to grasp the real needs of clients, offering the most appropriate solutions based on his technical abilities, and convince clients into loyal customer forever. His vast knowledge of market and reach at top notched businesses help our organization indeed. "

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