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In the first post, 6 Vital Elements of Contemporary Web Design [Part1/3], we set the groundwork for our web design process. We build basic understanding about color theories and contrast phycology. Let’s go further with new points.

No. 3 – Visual Hierarchy

When visitors see anything on the websites, their brains categorize visuals based on similarities and differences. They group them and organize into some meaningful patterns in natural ways that say hierarchy in mind. Thus, organized visual information can communicate effectively with its audience.

There are many ways to create similarities and differences among the visual elements like

  • shape
  • size
  • color
  • visual patterns
  • visual effects

As well as similar basic and advance elements of UI designing. With the help of this organized structure, we can guide our users to take decisions or actions we desire and can solve our problems with the cheap and quick ways.

If you know fundamentals of web page scanning patterns of your target audience like F-pattern and Z-pattern, etc. you can organize your elements on the page accordingly or set visual priorities of elements and solve your problems effectively.

No. 4 – Excellent User Interface

User interface is the window where we can communicate with our users or website visitors. Therefore, designing UI for each page or screen demands simplicities, natural human gesture recognition, and control to directly manipulate the given objects or actions.

Thus, each web designer should keep following things in mind while designing the web UI or screens.

  • It should be intuitive user interface
  • It should be easy to use
  • It should be less expensive to use
  • It should be easy for training people to use it
  • It should reduce your training costs through various ways like onboarding, tips, modeling windows, etc.
  • Your user interface should need less help to use it
  • It should reduce your support costs
  • It should attract more your users to use it,
  • It should increase the satisfaction of the end-users thus, your ROI

In due course, you can follow some given basic principles:

  • Simplicity principle
  • Visibility principle
  • Structure principle
  • Feedback principle
  • Reuse principle
  • Tolerance principle

In the next post – 6 Vital Elements of Contemporary Web Design [Part3/3], we’ll look into:

CTA Element – One of the important factor in web design that various websites missing. How is it useful? Let’s check in next post.

Responsiveness – Check out what to keep in the mind while developing UI.

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